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Based on my Design page, you can see that designing takes up a lot of my time! Although I would say design is my strong suit, photography is not far behind. I love that moment when I can take the perfect shot and know exactly where it is going to go in the yearbook. Click on some of my photos to see my best work from this year and captions that go along with them, and scroll to see how the pictures I take influence my designs.

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 How the photos I take influence the design of spreads

Screen Shot 2022-02-13 at 12.16.57 PM.png

Back Endsheet

Screen Shot 2022-02-13 at 12.09.42 PM.png

Opening Divider

Screen Shot 2022-02-12 at 6.42.33 PM.png

Holiday Concert

Screen Shot 2022-02-13 at 4.01.32 PM.png

Fall Clubs

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