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Publication Design

My ultimate passion when it comes to yearbook is no doubt design. I love turning a blank page into something people stare at and want to read. All of these pages start as a blank layout. There are no templates; I create each page from scratch. I love the creative process; on all of these spreads, I have been the sole person to gather the information, design the layout, write the content, and interview the students. Showstopper pages never get old for me to design!


Click on the individual photo of the design in each gallery to see it full-screen

Design Gallery

086-087 Social Media
25. Lucy Bickel - Election Spread
24. Social Media & Fashion Yearbook Spread - Lucy Bickel
23. Coronavirus Yearbook Spread - Lucy Bickel
18. Renovation - Lucy Bickel
19. The Merge - Lucy Bickel
16. Shutdown Spread - Lucy Bickel
000. Cover - ELCO Phases
22. Spring 2020 Current Events - Lucy Bickel
21. Senior Favorites - Lucy Bickel
086-087 Social Media.png

"Like and Comment" - Social Media Spread, No Matter What

National NFPW Winner in Yearbook Layout, First Place in PA NFPW Yearbook

25. Lucy Bickel - Election Spread.PNG

"A Divided Nation" - Election Spread, 

National NFPW Honorable Mention in Yearbook Layout, First Place in PA NFPW Yearbook

24. Social Media & Fashion Yearbook Spread - Lucy Bickel.png

"Social Media & Fashion,"  

 Second Place in PA NFPW  (National Federation of Press Women) Yearbook Layout 

23. Coronavirus Yearbook Spread - Lucy Bickel.png

"Curse of the Coronavirus," What Now?

Third Place in PA NFPW Yearbook Layout 

*All of the information for this page was gathered March 13, 2020, the day of the shutdown. I created this page entirely from home.

18. Renovation - Lucy Bickel.png

"Marching Into A Makeover" - Renovation Spread, Phases

First Place in Quill & Scroll National Yearbook Excellence Competition (Class B) for Graphic Design 

19. The Merge - Lucy Bickel.png

"Six Inches Apart" - Pandemic Spread, Phases

First Place in Quill & Scroll National Yearbook Excellence Competition (Class B)for Pandemic Spread 

16. Shutdown Spread - Lucy Bickel.png

"Closed, Come Back Soon" - Pandemic Spread, Phases

Second Place in Quill & Scroll National Yearbook Excellence Competition (Class B) for Pandemic Spread 

000. Cover - ELCO Phases.png

Cover, Phases

Second Place in Quill & Scroll
National Yearbook Excellence Competition (Class B)for Cover Design 

22. Spring 2020 Current Events - Lucy Bickel.png

"Spring Current Events," What Now?

In our PSPA Gold Rating Critique, our judge wrote that "the designer of this page should work for Vogue

21. Senior Favorites - Lucy Bickel.png

"Senior Favorites," What Now?

featured on Walsworth's webinars about showstopper yearbook spreads 

No Matter What Theme

2021-2022, my senior year

Coming off of the massive success of Phases in 2021 (see below), I experienced massive designer's block. The design of What Now? was so me that I felt like some of the new designs I was creating looked exactly like what I already created. Besides,  I was really growing attached to the editorial aesthetic of Phases that I did not want to let that aspect go.  Through the tears came the design and theme for No Matter What. No matter what,  I was going to do whatever it took to create fresh designs.

As if the designs of What Now? and Phases had a baby, the design of No Matter What combines the two aesthetics into something that shows my range as a designer. Encompassing my bold style with an editorial twist, the design of No Matter What is uniquely me. Although the awards season has not yet begun for the 2021-2022 season, I am confident that this design for No Matter What is my best work yet. 

Click on each of the galleries to see my work in full-screen.

No Matter What

2021-2022, my senior year

After finally establishing the design for No Matter What that depicts a very school-spirited, fun vibe with a twist on our school colors and fresh fonts, it was finally time for me to do what I love: create showstoppers! Although not all of my showstoppers from this book are created yet, the ones that are created truly encompass the vibe of the senior class: bold, passionate, and ready for whatever comes their way. One of my personal favorites is the Homecoming gatefold where if you look at the bottom left hand corner of the opener, you will find a familiar face as Homecoming Queen. 

Phases Theme

2020-2021, my junior year

Coming off of the bold and bright What Now? in 2020 (see below), our editorial team had to decide what the design of our next yearbook would look like, all from the confines of our Zoom screens as we were brainstorming during the shutdown. As it was our editor-in-chief's senior year, she strived to take the book in a clean, classic direction.  After the two of us pitched our designs to our fellow editors and our representative, my designs won out, paving the way for the theme of Phases. Whether it be the phases of our front entrance renovation (as shown in our cover) or the Pennsylvania red, yellow, and green phases of the coronavirus (as shown in the "Counting the Covid-19 Numbers" sections in our current events spreads), my designs truly captured the essence of our theme. Additionally, coming off of the primary colors of What Now?, the pastel gradient I created carried a color story across our yearbook, taking our students out of the black and white unknown of the beginning of the year to fully living life in color towards the end of the yearbook.